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WaterLase Dentistry – Sioux Falls, SD

Enhanced Comfort and Higher Quality Treatment

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Many dentists are choosing to invest in laser technology to provide their patients with more comfortable, more efficient care. Here at Family Dentistry of Sioux Falls, we use the remarkable WaterLase machine. We invite you to learn more about how this unique innovation can benefit you and your family.

What Is WaterLase?

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WaterLase is a specific type of soft tissue laser that combines focused light energy with a stream of water. This laser’s use of water gives it a unique advantage. Human tissues are partially made of water, so when the WaterLase hits them, it excites the water molecules in the tissue, allowing the laser to remove unwanted portions. For example, it can remove decayed areas of teeth or abnormal growths. The water also prevents patients from feeling too much of the laser’s heat. It even helps to keep the teeth hydrated throughout treatment.

What Can WaterLase Do?

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WaterLase is able to carry out a number of treatments in a manner that is quick, virtually painless, and minimally invasive.

We can use WaterLase to:

Benefits of WaterLase

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Of course, any of the abovementioned treatments can be carried out without a laser. However, WaterLase truly takes patient care to the next level. Some of its benefits include:

Would you like to experience the power of WaterLase for yourself? Contact our team today to learn more about this technology or to schedule an appointment.

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