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Sioux Falls Preventive Dentistry Protects Healthy Smiles

Mid 30s smiling man brushing teethAt Family Dentistry of Sioux Falls, we encourage regular dental exams and cleanings.  At each appointment, our hygienists measure and assess our patient’s gum health and make recommendations for how patients can take care of their teeth at home.  Preventive dentistry is the first step towards healthy teeth for life! 

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Checkups & Cleanings

Our doctors recommend that adults and children alike attend regular evaluations and cleanings every six months at our Sioux Falls practice. If we notice concerning signs of periodontal disease or a high risk of dental decay, we may ask that you visit more often so that we can help you keep these issues better under control.  During your appointments, we’ll be as comprehensive as possible, carefully inspecting the surface of each tooth, your gum tissue, your jaw, your temporomandibular joints (TMJ), and your current restorative work in order to fully understand your oral health needs. With the help of intraoral cameras and digital X-rays, our team can diagnose common dental problems and recommend the personalized solutions you need to enjoy a happier, healthier smile.

Cleanings are also a vital part of routine appointments, allowing our talented hygienists to remove decay-causing plaque and tartar from the mouth and banish minor dental stains. Your teeth will feel refreshed and look nicely polished when you leave!

Dental Sealants

Your back teeth – also known as “molars” and “premolars” – are home to deep grooves that can attract food particles and damaging bacteria. That’s why our doctors recommend dental sealants as a simple and effective preventive service that can protect these areas, especially for younger patients who are still learning how to brush and floss. To place a sealant, we clean the deep groove of the tooth and bond a white sealant material in place, effectively “sealing” out food and plaque and reducing the risk of cavities.


Do you regularly experience headaches and facial pain? Are you teeth damaged or worn-down with no understandable cause? These are common signs that point to bruxism, which most patients are familiar with as “teeth grinding.” Some people are very much aware that they grind/clench their teeth as a bad habit, but others are not aware they are grinding their teeth because it can take place during sleep. If our Sioux Falls dentists determine that you’re experiencing bruxism during a routine check-up, we may recommend the use of a nightguard to protect your teeth.  Our nightguards are custom-fitted for maximum comfort, support, and protection of your teeth.


When you (or your child) is participating in a favorite sport, it’s important to protect the vulnerable areas of the body from injuries – and that includes your teeth! Our doctors design custom-fit Sports Mouthguards for our patients that help protect their teeth from injury.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is a dangerous and even deadly health problem, on average claiming the life of one person every hour.  At Family Dentistry of Sioux Falls, we provide oral cancer screenings as a vital part of each routine check-up.  Our doctors will carefully inspect the mouth for indications of cancerous cells and notify our patients of any areas of concern.  We have helped patients in our own practice with early diagnosis of oral cancer, which is key for the long-term health of our patients. 

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a mineral that’s commonly referred to as “nature’s cavity fighter” – and there’s a good reason for that! The presence of fluoride in drinking water has been shown through studies to help strengthen tooth enamel and reverse the early signs of tooth decay. At Family Dentistry of Sioux Falls, we provide professional applications of fluoride varnish and recommend fluoridated toothpastes and mouthwashes to help both younger and older patients enjoy healthier smiles.

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