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How to Get the Best Oral Health with Your Dentist in Sioux Falls

December 17, 2018

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Did you know that your oral health has a link with your overall health? That means that good healthcare is not only important for the look and feel of your smile, but it will ensure the health of the rest of your body. A good oral health routine starts with brushing, but it doesn’t stop there. Keep reading to discover the best ways to take care of your oral health from a trusted dentist in Sioux Falls.

Caring for Your Oral Health at Home

Good oral healthcare starts at home with a healthy brushing and flossing routine. Be sure that you and your family are brushing twice a day, for 2 minutes each session. This will ensure that your smile is getting the full benefits of your toothbrush.

Additionally, you should floss once a day to clean out any plaque or bacteria from in between your teeth. If you think about it, each of your teeth have 5 sides: the top, front, back, left side, and right side. If you aren’t flossing, you’re leaving 2 sides of each tooth at higher risk for cavities and decay. Plus, flossing stimulates your gums to prevent disease and recession.

For a nice finishing touch, you can end your routine with a simple mouthwash. This will help clean out bacteria that your brushing and flossing couldn’t rinse, and it’ll give you extra fresh breath.

Caring for Your Oral Health with a Pro

The second half of your oral health routine is regular dental visits. This provides your family dentist in Sioux Falls with the opportunity to prevent and detect any early signs of dental issues like gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, and more. Through careful examination of your smile as well as dental X-Rays, your dentist can get an inside look at your teeth and the overall health of your mouth. Problems like gum disease and decay are linked to higher risks of stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

They will also provide potentially life-saving oral cancer screenings. Oral cancer, like a lot of other oral issues, is usually hard to notice with the naked eye, which is another reason why routine visits to your dentist’s office is always a good idea.

Another hidden benefit of twice-a-year dental appointments is the money you save. Preventive visits are typically 100% covered by dental insurance plans, which makes routine checkups a great way to use your benefits. These visits also save you from more extensive and expensive procedures because they catch dental problems early on.

Now that you know what it takes to get the best oral health, use these tips to keep your mouth and body as healthy as possible. Don’t forget to stop by your dentist’s office to make sure everything’s in tip-top shape.

About the Practice

At Family Dentistry of Sioux Falls, we have a team of 5 dentists who take pride in providing quality dental care. They believe in patient education, which is why they want you to know the best ways to care for your oral health. For any questions, they can be reached through their website or by phone at (605) 339-0219.

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